Punxsutawney Nate Sees Protester

Groundhog, Rodent, Shadow


Punxsutawney Nate, Phil’s politically oriented brother, saw a political protester this morning, signifying an expected six more months of bitter arguments related to the 2016 election. This includes five months leading up to election day, and another full month arguing and griping about the results.

If Nate had not seen the protester, then perhaps discourse in the United States would have taken a turn for the more reasonable, with a vast majority of potential voters agreeing to support the only remaining candidate with a reasonable chance of winning and a reasonable chance of not totally destroying the country. And those who refuse to vote for this person for whatever reason would realize that the opinions of others are about as unlikely to change as their own opinions are, and wouldn’t talk about it very much. Additionally, those who are especially enthusiastic about this candidate would not gloat about the likely presidency, thus angering the many, many, many people who do not like her and find the prospect of voting for this person to be difficult, if not impossible.

Peace and civility may have been possible, if only Nate did not see the protester. But he did, so there will be bitter arguments between all sorts of people, often including those who have nearly identical political beliefs, but differ in their ability to accept the candidate believed to be the lesser of two evils. Also expected are ample arguments among those who can’t agree which unpopular presumptive nominee is actually the less evil one. There will be marches and shouting and physical violence and unwillingness to even go on FaceBook because of all the nasty political posts which will show up in the news feed. All because of Nate.

Thanks, Nate.

Obama should be off the hook somewhat, because everything, or at least everything related to political arguments, is Nate’s fault now.

The only thing to do now is to gather the pitchforks and go to Punxsutawney to do a little non-insured operation on Nate’s eyes so he doesn’t cause any more trouble in the next major election.

It’s really not significantly less reasonable than much of what you’re going to end up seeing on the internet in the coming months.


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