Some Americans Confused By Protesting Women

The Internet – Today is International Women’s Day, and some people are confused about why women are protesting in the United States for the sake of more rights even though a shallow analysis reveals women to have basically the same rights as men do. These confused people see no problem with this article about International Women’s Day focusing on their opinions rather than focusing on those of women.

The confused people are quick to point out that women have the ability to vote in the USA,  but they are less hasty to point out that voting is possible for women as long as professional and domestic responsibilities do not prevent women from voting before the polls close. They will also allude to the fact that women are sometimes even able to vote for other women, and once in a blue moon the voting women can even choose a female candidate with political positions compatible with those of the voting woman, but the wording will be significantly different. If the confused people used the same wording as the previous sentence, they might be less confused.

In addition, the confused people have difficulty comprehending why women are complaining about rights when it comes to employment, considering women are allowed to become engineers, or CEOs, or just about anything else someone is willing to hire a woman to do. Maybe there are a lot less female engineers than male ones because girls are often discouraged from developing academic interests which tend to help with pursuing careers in STEM fields, and perhaps women are frequently taken less seriously for high-paying jobs even when they are fully qualified, but they still are allowed to have these jobs. So it is supremely perplexing to the confused people that even though women can get these jobs through defying and exceeding expectations along with unusual amounts of luck, women find reason to complain about this situation.

The same people are also confused by women complaining about relatively low pay in female-dominated fields such as home health care and childcare and cleaning services, when these same women could improve themselves by going to school and getting a degree in something useful like engineering. And when they verbalize such confusion, the confused people are unsure why their confusion upsets other people.

The same confused people are also frequently bewildered by claims that laws restricting abortion access serve to deny rights to women, because those suffering this level of confusion tend to believe that this is a prenatal rights issue rather than a women’s rights issue. Otherwise they ignore this as an outlier, or don’t think about it at all.

These confused people are also prone to befuddlement when women get upset about being catcalled, or when a woman is told to make a sandwich, or when a man declares that a woman’s place is in the kitchen in the day and in the bedroom at night. Thinking about matters from a narrow perspective, or barely thinking about them at all, tends to result in a lot of confusion.

In the future, the aforementioned confused people will be quite upset about having all these assumptions made about them based on one defining characteristic. Because all of them are going to read this article.

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