Babadook Unleashes Tweetstorm on Donald Trump

After weeks of silence, The Babadook returned to Twitter this morning to submit several tweets over the course of an hour either at or about Donald Trump.

At the beginning on the barrage, the Babadook likened the president to one of the primary villains in a classic comic strip:

This is appropriate because Mr. Trump seems to think most Americans are twerps, although he is trying to take away their health care money rather than their lunch money, except in the case of attempted cuts in school lunch programs in which case he wants to take away lunch money too. For most monsters, one tweet attack would have been enough, but not for the Babadook. He followed up with this:

A Yeti, of course, might be a better president than Donald Trump. And the same is true for the Babadook, despite his tendency to be mildly menacing in tweets such as this one:

While the Babadook can admittedly be scary, he is not nearly as terrifying as the prospect of millions of Americans being priced out of being able to get basic medical care.

Then the Babadook hit harder:


The storm concluded with this strike:

Donald Trump has yet to respond to any of these Tweets, probably because he was too shaken by the attacks to reply.

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