Insurance Company No Longer Covering Broken Bones

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Rukya says this isn’t so bad

The Internet – Insurance giant Rukya is causing somewhat of an uproar in the medical community due to its recent change in policy eliminating broken bones from the list of medical conditions which it is willing to cover.

Rukya CEO Richard Katz-Gruber released a statement Friday in which he called most hospital patients “wimps” who “wouldn’t know a serious medical condition if it bit them in the gluteal region,” which also would not be covered under the new policy. Bites and breaks, according to Katz-Gruber, are such minor inconveniences that they shouldn’t even be reasons to complain, let alone go to the hospital and expect treatment.

Rukya, which had already been under serious media scrutiny after the rumors they would not honor malpractice insurance for medical practices which didn’t buy $40 bags of cotton gauze from Katz-Gruber’s cousin’s medical supply company, is expected to emerge from this scandal with little permanent damage. Companies like Rukya often do. It will be fine.

People with broken bones and Rukya plans, on the other hand, are not fine. One prospective patient, who asked for his name to be omitted due to potential retribution by Rukya, is furious after suffering a badly fractured ulna in a hiking accident Saturday morning. He would be shaking his fists with rage, except he cannot move his right arm, which has been been stabilized in a sling he got in a 24-hour-clinic. The clinic would not treat broken bones, however, so his healing process is expected to be long and arduous. Perhaps he will be able to switch insurers eventually, but that process is also long and difficult.

To those such as the broken-armed man in the above paragraph, Katz-Gruber has this to say: “Suck it up. The American health care system is a great one, and you are so much better off than you would have been many years ago. You can still get slings and splints. You can still get over-the-counter pain relievers to help with all the discomfort, the so-called pain, you’re whining about. And if you have enough money you’ll hardly be inconvenienced at all. So what if you feel disrespected? When did that ever hurt anyone? What hurt people is having to get their limbs amputated with an unsanitary saw because there was nothing else to do when your bone is broken. So be grateful for what you have and stop complaining.”

As of press time, no one who was told to stop complaining had expressed any intention to stop complaining.