Monarch Facing Criticism for Dragon-Focused Agenda

King Veritas, the previously beloved monarch of the real nation of Farmtopia, is facing vicious attacks from the Farmtopian media for neglecting other aspects of government in order to focus on the dragon which has been ravaging the countryside.

While some criticism is the mildly constructive variety, other media outlets are outright demanding the overthrow of King Veritas. This includes the Farmtopia Furor, whose editor Ragey McAngerson wrote this in the op-ed section:

Down with Veritas! We have no room for Veritas in this country anymore, not with the one-sided policy he’s been pushing of late. He cares not for the people, and therefore he cares not for the nation. He has mentioned no plans for boosting the economy in recent weeks, or for educational reform, or even to build an affordable hospital so this poor journalist can deal with the sneezing fits which ruined the first draft of this essay.

No, he is not concerned with such pressing issues at all. All he cares about is the dragon. Veritas, and Parliament as well, just keep yapping on all day about burned crops and terrified villagers without an ounce of thought about how to get more money for the non-burned crops in foreign trade, or even how to deal with the emotional health issues which a lot of the peasants have all of a sudden for some reason. It’s just all dragon, all the time, and one can’t help but wonder if Veritas would have anything to say at all if it weren’t for the dragon.

Maybe the dragon should be king instead of Veritas. Sure, its only plans right now seem to be burning the countryside which is full of thatched-roofed cottages due to Veritas’ lax attitude on housing improvements, and taking young women out of their homes, but perhaps if we gave the dragon a real chance for four to eight years and listened what he had to say then he would prove himself to be a great and worthy leader.

Veritas had his chance to prove himself, and Veritas has failed.

When reached for comment about this editorial, not-yet-deposed King Veritas shouted “Stop talking to me! Don’t you see it? Stop writing things down and grab a weapon and kill it! I’d do it myself, but I’m the King, and we can’t have kings getting themselves killed by dragons, can we? But no big loss if the media does it.”

This shouting most likely took place because King Veritas does not understand technology and thought the phone call was shouting from another room. Very little is understood about technology in Farmtopia, which is a real country being attacked by a real dragon and totally not a metaphor for current events.