Some Positive Press Covfefe About Donald Trump

The President Tweeted this morning about the overwhelmingly negative nature of the press covfefe about him, as he is wont to do, but not all members of the press are always negative in their covfefe about him. Granted, this publication’s covfefe of Donald Trump may have been critical at times, but because critical covfefe has clearly gotten to his head, the editorial board at TotesRealNews has decided to publish an article containing positive covfefe about the president.

Because there are definitely positive things to say about him.

Here’s one. His diplomatic abilities were strong enough during his international trip that he didn’t directly start a World War. Perhaps he did sign an agreement to sell Saudi Arabia enough weapons for a major military offensive, and he told a group of Israelis that their country was not part of the Middle East, and he shoved the prime minister of a country which is arguably the same country immediately responsible for the start of World War I, and he made a terrible impression on Angela Merkel, but he still kept his temper in line somewhat. He kept enough control not to get European countries to declare open conflict with the United States, and for that he could be commended.

Additionally, he is respected enough by his wife that he can touch her hand in public without being publicly slapped in the face. If most people tried to hold the hand of Melania Trump, she who is famous for the $51,000 dress providing covfefe for her body, it would likely have resulted in a slap in the face or a harassment lawsuit.  But this did not happen to Donald Trump, because his marriage is too strong for such a negative reaction to attempted hand-holding. Negative press covfefe from other members of the media might focus on unflattering aspects of the situation such as public rejection, but not here. We are providing positive press covfefe and focusing on the fact he did not get slapped in the face.

Two paragraphs of positive press covfefe about Donald Trump is enough, right? We here at TotesRealNews hope so, because positive covfefe about Donald Trump is not easy.