Copypasta Couple Caught Eating Actual Pasta

Robert and Anna Dobalina, the popular Instagram couple known for their exotic travel photos and their diet consisting of only kale smoothies and copypasta, lost most of their 12 million followers overnight after being spotted at an Olive Garden guzzling bowls of spaghetti with meat sauce. They have since deleted their account.

The Dobalinas made their living primarily by endorsing food they claimed not to eat. A post from several weeks ago had them posing in front of the Olive Garden and writing:

We don’t eat here because we are satisfied with our smoothies and copypasta, but back before we reached nutritional nirvana we loved their breadsticks and pasta bowls. #foodporn #almosthungry #wewerefamily  #vegan# undergroundkaleroad #weescapedfoodslaverysoyoudonothaveto #longhashtagshaha #sendusyourmemes #weneedcopypasta.

Many Instagram users, who believed the Dobalinas were honest and authentic people, were crushed to find out they ate regular pasta and not just copypasta. One user, who asked to remain anonymous due to embarrassment, said she knew writing a bunch of words saying cancer is bad doesn’t cure cancer or tell anyone anything they don’t know. She knows that tomorrow isn’t eternally the day which Facebook switches to the new rule where they can use your photos unless you say they can’t. And yet she would keep posting those sorts of things, making herself seem like a gullible fool, in order to help support her favorite young influencers.

And now the Dobalinas have influenced her, and many others, to lose a little more faith in humanity.

Hashtag sad.


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